SEN Education Program

SEN Education Program is more than just a program; its a pathway to a bright and fulfilling future in hospitality. Let us help your child take flight and achieve their Dreams!


3 Years Program

Minimum Eligibility

Completed Class 10th

Aproved By

UGC/Lingya's vidyapeeth


About SEN Education Program

Human Touch: Educating and Empowering

Do you see the potential for a bright future in hospitality for your child? At British Columbia College of Management, we believe in the limitless potential of every individual. UMANG KI UDAAN, meaning " Flight of Dreams", is our unique 3-year Hospitality Diploma Program designed specifically for students with learning disabilities. This program opens the door to a fulfilling and rewarding career in the exciting world of hotels and Restaurants.

At BCCM, We understand that every student learns differently. Our dedicated team of educators has extensive experience working with students with learning disabilities.

The program emphasizes practical training through simulations, workshops, and potential internship opportunities at hotels or restaurants with accessibility features.

Why Choose SEN Education Program

Your Success is Our Passion

Expert Faculty

Our instructors understand the unique challenges faced by students with learning disabilities and tailor their teaching methods accordingly.

Special Needs Educators

Certified educators assist with communication, organization, and social interaction, creating a smooth learning experience.

Inclusive Classrooms

Specially trained caregivers provide individualized support with in the classroom setting.

Campus Accessibility

Our campus is designed to be accessible to all students, with ramps, elevators, and adapted restrooms. Nurses are available to provide support and collaborate with staff to ensure a comfortable learning environment

Residence Life Integration

Caregivers are available in dorms to assist with daily living activities, medication management, and personal hygiene, allowing students to participate fully in college life.

Industry Partnerships

We have established strong ties with prestigious hospitality brands, offering valuable training opportunities and promising placement prospects upon graduation.

Course & Fee Structure of SEN Education Program

Course & Duration- SEN Education Program (HM) and Total Duration 3 Years

Eligibility- Class 10th Pass

Total Fee- RS. 4,95,000/- For 3 Years

  • First Year Fee - RS. 2,85,000/-
  • Second Year Fee - RS. 1,05,000/-
  • Third Year Fee - RS. 1,05,000/-

This program opens the door to a fulfilling and rewarding career in the exciting world of hotels management.